Star Tribune Editor on Inaccurate Winston Smith Article

One month ago Winston Smith was fatally shot by a deputy on a federal task force in Minneapolis. One of the first articles about his death was by the Star Tribune newspaper which wrongfully identified him as a murder suspect. Days later the paper issued an apology online. Today we hear from Star Tribune's Assistant Managing Editor of Diversity and Community, Kyndell Harkness, on how misinformation about Smith ended up published and on details of the changes they've made to their digital correction policy following this incident.

On June 3, 32-year-old Winston Smith, Jr. was shot and killed by officers from a U.S. Marshals task force, his family is still looking for answers. Below is a post of the Star Tribune's initial report.

Smith was leaving a lunch date in Minneapolis when U.S. Marshals in unmarked vehicles circled him and an unidentified 27-year-old woman, both of whom were in a parked car. Two deputies fired shots, injuring the woman and killing Smith.

The only eyewitness has announced through her lawyers that she is filing a lawsuit against all agencies involved. Her lawyers say she did not see Smith with a gun only with a cell phone.

Community leaders continue to demand the resignation of Romona Dohman, head of the Minnesota task force that was appointed by Trump.

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