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Since the inception of American media the image of black people on screen has been exploited and misrepresented. Black face, typecasting and newscasts saturated with black mugshots are ways media has perpetuated a false and inaccurate identity of African Americans. Media has at large served as a tool to dehumanize black people. So, for those reasons and for my children and the future of our nation it is my duty to change the narrative.


Georgia Fort is a two-time Emmy nominated journalist. She was one of two journalists in the courtroom for the sentencing of Derek Chauvin. Her reporting has been published on CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS affiliates. Her mission as a storyteller is to change the narrative by amplifying truth, citing diverse sources, and contextualizing social justice issues.
Since 2019 Georgia has actively produced and published digital content independently in efforts to activate her own platform, create opportunities for other creators, and be a pioneer of the future of news. Her work ethic and powerful approach to storytelling landed her a spot as an associate producer for PBS Frontline’s American Voices.
In 2020 she worked as a field producer for the NBC Today Show online where she helped create a piece about the Say Their Names Cemetery in Minneapolis. Her passion for community inspired her work as a producer of the award-winning short “George Floyd: It Happened Here” and her contributions as co-director of “Amazon Prime’s Rondo: Beyond The Pavement”.
Georgia is a mother of three girls and wife of professional boxer, Cerresso Fort.


  • Work published by NBC Today Show online

  • Associate producer for a PBS Frontline documentary

  • Selected into We The Culture Facebook program

  • Founded BLCK Press


  • WINNER, SPNN Producer of the Year

  • First breaking footage of wrongful death of an inmate published through Unicorn Riot w/co-author

  • Co=Producer of "The Mothers": A documentary about Mother's whose children were killed by police.

about 1.jpeg


  • Debuted first documentary Rondo: Beyond the Pavement

  • Rondo is picked up by Amazon Prime


  • Second Emmy nomination


  • Transitioned into TV News

  • Promoted to prime time anchor

  • Emmy nomination and honorable mention


  • Appearance on BET's 106 & Park


  • Broke into Industry at KMOJ


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