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Husband fights for wife on Life support

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

The community is rallying behind a determined husband who is trying to save his wife's life after nearly four decades of marriage. Over 9 weeks ago Trisha Hudnell suddenly went into a coma and remains on life support. Her husband, Ramaa refuses to give up on the love of his life but everyday Trisha remains on life support the financial burden becomes heavier for Ramaa and their children. Over 200 people have contributed to the growing medical costs through a gofundme and they're calling on others to do the same.

37 years of marriage, Trisha and Ramaa Hudnell have a love like no other. The pair met at North high school in 1986 and now share three beautiful children. In 2010, Ramaa and Trisha decided to make Mondays date day so they could have time to be together without the interruptions of all their responsibilities. In 13 years, the Hudnell's only missed 4 dates.

"Now Mondays are hard. Weekends are hard. Everyday is hard," says Ramaa, a Family advocate at The Bridge for Youth and Barber in North Minneapolis.

More than 9 weeks ago, Trisha was having difficulties breathing at work, shortly after she came home her son found her unresponsive. Her husband and son performed CPR until paramedics arrived.

"I've been with her almost everyday for 37 years so just trying to gather some sense of normalcy is difficult when you've been around a person that long... every hour is a challenge."

Trisha is currently in a coma, although she's no longer on a ventilator Ramaa says there has not been substantial progress with Trisha's health.

While Ramaa refuses to give up and take Trish off life support he's taunted by the reality of mounting medical bills that just keep growing each day.

"If I could tell her anything I would tell her that I love her and I miss her and to stay strong and keep fighting."

The gofundme for Trisha was launched last month to help raise $20,000 for medical expenses. So far they've raised about half the money needed to keep Trish on life-support.

Ramaa says now his message to other couples is to "love your significant other everyday as if you would not get the chance to do it again"

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