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A Mother with 6 months to live pushes to raise money for treatment while fighting for her life

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

A Minnesota mother of two is fighting for her life after experiencing complications in her battle with Lupus. Brittany Delaney, a well known Arts Educator in the Twin Cities, has had three strokes, multiple seizures and numerous hospitalizations.

With a recent 6-month prognosis the 33-year old is doing everything she can to raise the $40,000 she needs for medical care.

"I was in a lupus flare with my left kidney function declining which eventually turned into lung problems when I found out I have 25 nodules in my left lung and 8 in my right that are all between 6-9 millimeters in size. These complications led to a diastolic congestive heart failure and ultimately a third stroke," says Brittany.

Her battle extends beyond just her health issues. She says it's been an extremely difficult fight to have life saving treatments covered by her insurance not to mention the battle with local hospitals for adequate care.

"I switched to Regions because I couldn't handle how poorly I was being treated," says Brittany.

A friend of Brittany's setup a gofundme last month to help with her medical costs which has raised over $26,000 but without the full amount Brittany says she can't complete her treatments.

So for now Brittany is focused on spending what time she does have left with her children.

"They are very aware of the decrease in my quality of life and have witnessed many of my ambulance rides. I’m doing the best I can to give them resources that allow them to process what they are feeling and their fears. I have had many age appropriate talks with my 8 and 9 year old," says Brittany.

The $40,000 will cover in-home care, medication costs, lupus infusions and co-pays from the cancer institute. You can support her journey to recovery here.

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